Innovis Breeding Sheep

Committed to research and development this has enabled us to build upon our successful and established crossbreeding programmes.

UK livestock industry sheep side by side eligible for snp genotyping
The result is a selection of both Maternal and Terminal lines suited to meet the requirements of the modern livestock market.

If you’re looking for:

  • A sustainable sheep farming business
  • Increased lamb productivity on marginal land or in drought prone areas
  • Improved efficiency
  • Easier lambing outdoors
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Top carcass specification from a reduced cost base
  • Improved returns that use proven technologies

If you have any questions about our programmes, please contact our team.

Innovis Can Work For You

Maternal Ram Lines

Our maternal rams are selected on both maternal and carcass traits to enable you to produce efficient crossbred ewes as well as fast-growing finished lambs. With a growing market for Innovis crossbred ewes as part of the supply network supported by Innovis.

Terminal Sires

Our terminal rams are bred to produce top quality fat lambs bred off grass based systems. Our meat sire rams are proving to be popular with commercial sheep breeders who want to optimise their finished lamb production.


Focus Genetics Breeds

Along with our own breeding programmes, we have forged a partnership with Focus Genetics, to become the sole UK distributor of their Highlander maternal and Primera terminal sire breeds.