By Focus Genetics

The Highlander breeding programme was established over 20 years ago in New Zealand to create a feed efficient sheep, bred to consistently deliver more kilograms of lamb weaned per ewe mated than purebreds. The UK Highlander is bred by Innovis, working in close partnership with Focus Genetics in New Zealand.

Maternal rams from our innovative sheep breeding program

The Highlander is bred for:

  • Efficiency – producing a smaller ewe with less feed requirements
  • Outdoor rearing and easy lambing
  • Prolificacy – can rear an extra 0.19 lambs compared to standard UK crossbreds
  • Vigour
  • Production costs reduced by up to 55p/kg

An ideal closed flock option and will suit you if you want:

  • Reduced cost of production
  • To improve kgs lamb produced per acre
  • To improve efficiency while maintaining the biosecurity benefits of a closed flock
  • A hill cross to make the most of marginal land

Innovation, Partnership and Performance

All our rams will be MOT’d, quarantine treated and supplied with full health treatment records.

We believe in our products and will work with you to help you to maximise returns from our genetics.

If you are interested in the Innovis Highlander:

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