Mating Cost Calculator

Do you know the actual cost of your rams?

UK livestock industry sheep in a field
What you pay when you buy rams is only part of the equation; mating capacity and productive life play a huge part in the real cost to your business. Work out your own ram costs below.

Simply fill in

1)      the price of the ram

2)      the number of ewes tupped (Innovis target = 70+ ewes/year)

3)      the number of years the ram will be working for you (Innovis target = 4+ years)

Our calculator will do the rest for you.

Remember that the ram’s genetic potential has a huge impact on your flock’s performance and is the real driver of profit – its impact and benefit has not been estimated here.

A herd of sheep eligible for livestock breeding services

 How Innovis rams compare:

2019 Innovis customer survey:

68 ewes/ram x 4.6 years = 312 ewes tupped

£2.40/ewe for a £750 ram

2017 NSA survey:

44 ewes/ram x 3.8 years = 167 ewes tupped

£4.49/ewe for a £750 ram