Winter Webinars

Over the winter months Innovis has been hosting a series of webinars on various topics with presentations from guest speakers.

These webinars gave an insight into how Innovis operates and the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

There are no more planned webinars for 2023, but if you wish to catch-up on any, click below.

Past Webinars

10th January 2023 – Innovis genetics: The figures behind the rams  

Our geneticist, Dr Janet Roden will join CEO Dewi Jones to present and discuss how Innovis performance record the ram population to ensure the best for our customers.

26th January 2023 – Meet the breeders that produce the Innovis rams

CEO, Dewi Jones will be joined by three breeding partners from different parts of the UK who will take about the role they play in breeding rams for Innovis.

9th February 2023 – Iceberg diseases in sheep: Tackling the enemy that lies beneath

Vet consultant, Dr Peers Davies, will discuss how to tackle iceberg diseases in sheep and how he works with Innovis to maximise health and biosecurity of the rams that are sold.

23rd February 2023 – Breeding sheep with a lower carbon footprint

Lowering the carbon footprint in agriculture is at the forefront of breeding in the UK and part of Innovis’ breeding programme is to breed sheep with a lower carbon footprint.

2nd March 2023 – Building resilience through the agricultural transition

Innovis have teamed up with ADAS to deliver a webinar on how farmers can build resilience into their business throughout the agricultural transition and the BPS reductions in England. Josh Brock will talk through business management Fundamentals and making the most of the Future Farming Resilience Fund which enables farmers to access free farm consultancy in England.