Well-Bodied, Efficient and High Quality

The Abermax rams are best for sheep breeders who are looking for a combination of the best genetics for meat sires and easy lambing. These hardy rams can cover over 80 ewes in a season.

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The exceptional, high-performance meat sire offering you:

  • A combination of the best genetics and produced from top ranking performance-recorded stock
  • A robust meat sire bred off grass under commercial conditions
  • A ram selected for easy lambing and fast growth rates in lambs
  • A sire that has undergone extensive CT scanning to select for improved meat yield and meat eating quality
  • A ram that will cover over 80 ewes in a season without melting away

Abermax would suit you if you:

  • Want a ram that combines the best meat genetics
  • Are breeding sheep for meat
  • Want to produce top quality, premium carcasses
  • Want to lamb outdoors
  • Want to maximise carcass quality without compromising lambing ease
Buy rams online from this herd of breeding sheep

Innovation, Partnership and Performance

All our rams will be MOT’d, quarantine treated and supplied with full health treatment records.

We believe in our products and will work with you to help you to maximise returns from our genetics.

If you are interested in the Innovis Abermax:

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