A versatile and Hardy Terminal Sire

The Abertex rams are best for sheep breeders who are looking for a combination of maternal and carcass traits. These hardy rams are capable of producing high quality finished lambs on hill/upland terrain and of maximizing the benefits of easy lambing for prime lamb production.

5 Innovis breeding sheep grazing on a field

Abertex rams offer hill farmers the ability to:

  • Breed hardy crossbred ewes that can be kept on the hill and lambing at 150%
  • Produce crossbred [finished] lambs on hill/upland terrain

Abertex rams are well suited to lowland sheep farmers who want to:

  • Breed their own high quality replacements
  • Produce premium finished lambs from an easy lambing sire

Abertex offers:

  • An easier care version of the Texel crossbred ewe that can be found on many lowland farms across the UK, achieving lambing percentages of 160% – 180%
  • A robust hill cross ewe that can lamb outdoors and rear her lambs on marginal ground, achieving lambing percentages of 130% – 150%
  • The Abertex ram can be used as a terminal sire for hill flocks wanting to increase their lamb carcass weight.
4 Innovis breeding sheep grazing on a field

Innovation, Partnership and Performance

All our rams will be MOT’d, quarantine treated and supplied with full health treatment records.

We believe in our products and will work with you to help you to maximise returns from our genetics.

If you are interested in the Innovis Abertex:

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