Cwmerfyn Farm, Cwmerfyn, Aberystwyth


90ha upland grassland

Innovis flock

30 Abertex/Texel ewes

Additional livestock enterprises

340 Welsh Hardy Speckled Face, Aberfield and Abertex cross ewes and replacements

6 Highland cows and heifers

Other interests

Include vegetable growing and bee keeping

Farming background

Hywel spent 15 years working at the Welsh Plant Breeding Station before returning home to farm full time in 1981. Maddy worked for 10 years in sheep research at Aberystwyth University followed by 10 years in lamb procurement. We both now work at Cwmerfyn. We’ve been high index performance recording the Welsh Hardy Speckled Face for 20 years and the Texel flock since 2007.


We endeavour to produce good quality yearling rams in a commercial environment that will continue to grow and add value to their new flocks.

Business strategy

Fixed costs are kept to a minimum, we run the farm commercially, don’t keep any passengers, we are ruthless with lame sheep and vaccinate where possible. We are flexible and open to try new ideas and take informed risks when necessary.

Interesting fact about your farm

Hywel is the sixth generation to manage Cwmerfyn Farm.

When and why did you become an Innovis breeding partner?

2020, it was a logical progression for our Texel flock; the ewes were getting too big, and it was getting difficult to source pedigree Texel rams that were going to improve our flock, so we took the plunge and started converting to Abertex.

What do you enjoy most about your role with Innovis?

We enjoy being part of the Innovis team, appreciating the support and agreeing with the company’s ethos.