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Reducing costs by finishing off grass.

Producing fast growing, quality lams.

Robust meat rams, capable of mating 80 ewes while maintaining condition.

“we are achieving an average 1.69 lambs (reared per ewe), 80% of the crop born from mid-February now leaves the unit by the end of July in a two-way split; half have reached 36kg target finishing weight from 10 weeks through to five months”

Aled Jones, Llanbedr, North Wales on his Abermax sired lambs from Aberfield x Talybont Welsh ewes.

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Easy lambing with good lamb survival rates.

Easy finishing off grass.

Excellent option for hill farms, increasing lamb output without increasing labour.

“We’ve found the Primera crosses easily lambed – they have narrow shoulders, and they all lambed within the first 10 days. They were soon up and sucking, the first draw at 12 weeks averaged 350g/day daily liveweight gain.” Consequently, faster finishing means fewer draws, fewer doses, less labour and more grass freed up.”

Jimmy Stobart, Penrith, Cumbria about his Primera sired lambs. 

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Reducing production costs while maintaining lamb output. 

Well conformed, fast growing lambs.

Producing ewes with a strong maternal instinct.

 “our objective is to grow the lambs as quickly as possible and finish them solely off forage. We target the crop to finish at 18kg to 19kg and within the R3L bracket...last season 92% of the Aberfield cross lambs hit the spec”

Mr Davies, Machynlleth, Powys

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