Meet the Team


Technical Sales Adviser

Stuart joined the team in May 2022, representing South West Scotland. Stuart farms alongside his wife and 18-month old son, Angus, in Lockerbie in South west Scotland. In November 2019, the pair were lucky enough to gain a tenancy through Crown Estate Scotland and now farm 380 acres at home and contract farm another 200 acres.

They started with 25 sheep 9 years ago, so to have lambed 750 ewes and hoggs this year has been a bit of a milestone! Alongside the sheep they also have around 70 summer grazing cattle and run B&B heifer wintering for 10 months of the year. They also grow around 150 Innovis tup lambs.

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Scotland Testimonials

“I believe I’m certainly heading in the right direction building a sheep enterprise that is capable of surviving whatever is thrown at us in future.”

“We are running a closed, outdoor lambing flock that’s low input…It has to produce quality lambs and we firmly believe we’ve found the answer in a breeding programme featuring a three-way cross – the Abertex, Aberfield SR and Lleyn. Hybrid vigour and simplicity are key.”

Colin Forsyth – Scotland