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2021 Ram Competition Winner


The winner of the 2021 competition has been announced! Congratulations to Ellie Layton from Vowchurch, Hereford who has won a £1000 voucher to be used to purchase an Innovis Ram in the 2022 sale season.

Stall House Farm is home to Alan Layton and Lucy Levinge alongside their children, Will (25), Ellie (21) and their two collie dogs, Nell and Penny. Day to day, the farm is run by Alan and Will, with Lucy working as a self employed farm book keeper and Ellie as a livestock reporter at Farmers Guardian.

Stall House Farm is a 80 hectare (200 acre) unit sitting in the Golden Valley in Herefordshire and is home to a mix of 280 Mule and Texel cross ewes which run with Texel and Charolais rams. An additional 100 Badger Face Welsh Mountain ewes are ran on the farm, the first half are kept pure and the second half are crossed with a Suffolk ram. All lambs are sold through local auctions, with store lambs going to Tenbury and fat lambs to Raglan market.

Stall House also run 45 suckler cows which are put to a Limousin bull. Some weaned calves are around six months when sold, but most are kept until 18 months and sold as strong stores at Raglan market.

Ellie says, “We are very excited to have won the competition and at the prospect of introducing Innovis genetics into our flock, breeding our own replacements, we will be focusing on maternal factors in our purchase and excited to see how our flock will develop.”

If you’d like a chance to win a £1000 voucher to spend on an Innovis ram in the 2023 sale season, enter our competition now.

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