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North Wales and Cheshire Border

Meet the team

Eifion Pughe

Technical Sales Adviser

Eifion joins us from his home farm near Machynlleth. He studied a national diploma in Agriculture at Glynllifon before working on wide range of farming enterprises including a stint contracting in New Zealand. Eifion completed the Agri-academy Business Innovation course in 2016 and the Master Grass course in 2018 and is now undertaking the Prosper from Pasture program to implement a more efficient grass based system at home. His farm is currently calf rearing to stores with up to 120 head of cattle on farm. Eifion runs 350 ewes with replacement Aberfield x Welsh ewe lambs put to Abermax sires for fat lamb production a recent change in his system from a Lleyn x Welsh ewe.



North Wales and Cheshire Border Testimonial

“I’m focused on maximising output value from my 700 Welsh ewe flock by introducing the Aberfield.”

“Since introducing the Aberfield maternal sire, I’ve a ready market for the ewe lambs. The majority are weaned in mid-July at 12 weeks, an average 30kg, and they’re all sold within a month…the Aberfield cross tup lambs also contribute a significant amount to the business, these lambs are now finishing to target 18.5kg from 12 weeks, the majority are away off forage by November.”

Iwan Jones – Wales