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Aberfield genetics improving lamb performance

2017, Aberfield, Abermax

Richard Roderick, Newton Farm, Brecon

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Finding out how Aberfield genetics help towards improving lamb performance and reducing input costs was they key theme at an open evening held on Tuesday 13 June with Richard Roderick at Newton Farm, Brecon where finishing more lambs from grass is one of the unit’s priorities.

Richard explained why he invested in Aberfield rams to breed replacements for his 1,000 ewe flock towards achieving that goal. He discussed the results of that breeding programme to date. This season 600 Abermax cross Aberfield cross lambs reached an average 19kg target finishing weight within 12 weeks with the majority reared off milk and grass.

Innovis’ Ben Anthony went on to explain the benefits of introducing the Abermax, a robust meat sire bred off grass under commercial conditions and selected for easy lambing and fast lamb growth rates together with improved meat yield and meat eating quality.

Event organisers were Hay and Brecon Farmers in partnership with Agrimin Ltd who staged a lamb bolusing demonstration. Richie demonstraed Combiclamp and EID Reader systems and Farming Connect were available to discuss Farm Business Grant opportunities.

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