Karyn McArthur

Technical Sales Adviser

Karyn joined the team in May 2020, representing Central Scotland. Having spent 10 years as a veterinary nurse, she has taken a change of direction as her passion lies in the livestock industry. 

She is originally from a farm near Glasgow where her family keep 700 ewes, a mix of Scotch Mules, Scottish Blackface ewes and Bluefaced Leicesters. Karyn has always played an active role on farm, keeping her own pedigree flock alongside her fathers’ as well as training collies.  During 2019, she travelled across Australia, New Zealand and America working on farms. Since coming home, Karyn has worked as a self-employed shepherd, all of her work and travels has given Karyn a solid knowledge of the sheep industry and a wealth of practical experience.


Technical Sales Adviser

Stuart joined the team in May 2022, representing South West Scotland. Stuart farms alongside his wife and 18-month old son, Angus, in Lockerbie in South west Scotland.

In November 2019, the pair were lucky enough to gain a tenancy through Crown Estate Scotland and now farm 380 acres at home and contract farm another 200 acres. They started with 25 sheep 9 years ago, so to have lambed 750 ewes and hoggs this year has been a bit of a milestone! Alongside the sheep they also have around 70 summer grazing cattle and run B&B heifer wintering for 10 months of the year. They also grow around 150 Innovis tup lambs. 

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Technical Consultant & Ram Production

Stuart recently relocated his farming operation to South West scotland, where he runs 220 hill cows and 1250 ewes. The  flock consists of Abertex, Highlander and cheviot ewes, all lambed outside on a rotational grazing system.

Having previously farmed in New Zealand, Aberdeenshire and the Cairngorms, Stuart is well placed to discuss a variety of sheep production systems and assist clients in maximising their bottom line from forage.

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Mobile: 07808 010068

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“I believe I’m certainly heading in the right direction building a sheep enterprise that is capable of surviving whatever is thrown at us in future...We are running a closed, outdoor lambing flock that’s low input...It has to produce quality lambs and we firmly believe we’ve found the answer in a breeding programme featuring a three-way cross - the Abertex, Aberfield SR and Lleyn. Hybrid vigour and simplicity are key."

Colin Forsyth - Scotland



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