Innovis Crossbred Ewes

Breeding Stock Supply Chain

Producing Tailor Made Crossbred Ewes within a Stratified System

This system will suit the Upland Crossbred Ewe Producer if you want to:

  • Add value to your system by producing crossbred ewes from high performance Aberfield, Highlander or Aberdale rams.
  • Trade lambs directly off the farm without the fuss and cost of traditional sale preparation
  • Improved lamb vigour and survival at lambing time
  • Added value from improved carcass classification and easy finishing male lambs

This system will suit the Lowland Crossbred Ewe Buyer if you want to:

  • Simplify your system and flock breeding structure
  • Source your replacements from a trusted transparent supply chain to minimise disease risk
  • Avoid the lottery of ewe sales by paying a premium price that tracks the slaughter lamb market
  • Increase your flock efficiency with proven high performance maternal genetics
  • Develop a forage based system with genetics bred to perform on grass
Ewes in our sheep breeding UK programme on a field

Innovation, Partnership and Performance

Innovis produces forage bred maternal rams, using the best of British and New Zealand genetics and technology, for use on proven hill flocks to establish a sustainable source of crossbred ewes. Our breeding stock supply chain is a three way partnership that builds a professional and sustainable approach to sheep breeding. For more information speak to a member of staff or call 01970 828236.