Claire Irving - Northern England and the Scottish Borders

Technical Sales Adviser

Claire joined the Innovis team in 2017, representing us in the North of England.  She has a strong practical knowledge of the sheep industry having studied Agriculture at Kirkley Hall College before going on to work as a contract shepherd in mid-Northumberland.  To this day, when not keeping in touch with her clients, Claire still takes time out to do lambing work as well as training her working dogs and horse riding. 


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  • A sustainable sheep farming business

  • Increased lamb productivity on marginal land or in drought prone areas

  • Improved efficiency

  • Easier lambing outdoors

  • Reduced labour costs

  • Top carcass specification from a reduced cost base

  • Improved returns that use proven technologies

Counting costs – not just sheep

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"We are running the farm as a business; whilst we enjoy the job, we have to make a profit...we introduced a strategy featuring the Aberfield maternal sire to breed our own replacements - we’re heading towards a three-quarter bred Aberfield cross Mule.The Aberfield cross shearling ewes this year scanned an average 177%, These motherly ewes lick their lambs and let them suck without batting an eye lid, they’ve well suspended udders and neatly placed teats that are easy to latch on to saving us time helping out newborn lambs, and they’ve plenty of milk solely from grazed grass supplemented with Magnesium licks"

Patrick Wilson - Northern England



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