"We’ve developed a three-way cross - Aberfield Lleyn Blackface...they are making terrific mothers"

We are very happy with how our Aberfield cross ewes have performed in what’s been a challenging season; 231, two and four tooths scanned remarkably well at 190%.

 We’ve developed a three-way cross - Aberfield Lleyn Blackface, to put to a terminal sire and lamb outdoors from early April and they are making terrific mothers. They lamb themselves, the lambs are hardy and have plenty of vigour – they get up and suck themselves, and it’s noticeable the ewes stand over their lambs, they are over motherly and very protective – even those with triplets.

 All in all, these ewes are enabling us to minimize the number of checks to twice a day during lambing which works well. They also quiet and easy to handle.

 The shearling ewes have grown in to very strong sheep that are able to maintain themselves; they are scheduled to mature at an average 65kg to 75kg.

 Overall, they held their condition well and the shearers enjoyed clipping them - they offered a good rise at clipping.

 Euan Ferguson, Luing

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