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By choosing a grade you will be choosing the specification of your Innovis ram. Choosing an Elite ram will mean the ram you receive is within the top 25% of the breed based on Carcase index. A Select ram is between the top 25% and 50% of the breed based on Carcase index.

Please Enter one of the following options below:

  • Ease of Shepherding - For those who are looking for lambing ease and lamb vigour 
  • Quick finishing / fast growth 
  • Increase carcase weight

Picking your Meat Ram key traits will allow us to pick the best ram suited to the farming objectives you are trying to achieve. For example, choosing ‘Quick Finishing’ means that the ram you receive will be within the top 25% of the breed based on the Estimated Breeding Values for growth and fat depth. It is important for us to know which traits are most important to you so we can make an informed decision when picking your ram.

Please Enter one of the following options below:

  • Indoors
  • Outdoors

Knowing whether you are lambing indoors will allow us to pick a suitable ram that will hopefully provide you with an easier indoor lambing period in the next season.

Knowing the ewe breed you are looking to put this ram over will allow us to concentrate on rams that may suit the breed and have a positive impact upon your flock. For example, if you are using large Mule ewes, weighing between 90kg-100kg then lambing ease will not need be as prominent a trait as if you were using ewes weighing between 65kg that are lambing outdoors

If you would like to provide further information about your farm and farming conditions, such as if you farming on poor / good ground or whether you are based on a hill farm can help us ensure the ram chosen is the best suited to you and your farming conditions. If you have a specific preference to the physical appearance of your ram, please provide details here. We also welcome comments regarding the health status of your flock, whether you are MV accredited and whether you are having any particular problems on farm, such as entropion (in-turned eyelids) or feet problems. The more information we have the better we are able to choose your ram.



The Primera is a composite meat sire developed by Focus Genetics to produce high performance finished lambs. The Primera is available to sheep breeders in the UK exclusively through Innovis.


The Primera is a composite meat sire developed by Focus Genetics to produce high performance finished lambs. The Primera is able to combine fast growth rates off grass with ease of lambing to provide a minimal management system whilst increasing profits. As a commercial sire, Primera progeny gain an improved carcase meat distribution for future yield payments. Underpinned by the Focus Genetics established breeding programme in New Zealand, the Primera is backed by science and the largest progeny test in the world. 

Primera will suit your system if you: 

  • Want to lamb outdoors 
  • Want to finish lambs early 
  • Want an easy lambing ram to use over ewe lambs 
  • Want a fast-finishing option to use over crossbred ewes / ewe lambs 



With more than 15 years of research behind them, the Focus Genetics sheep breeding programmes record over 10,000 animals annually and have gathered a database of over 1 million records in total.  

The Focus Genetics breeding programme includes the world’s largest sheep progeny testing programme and uses the range of sheep genetic marker technologies that are commercially available in New Zealand.  



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