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Please note: if ordering more than one ram of this breed with different trait options, 
you will need to add to the Holding Pen separately.


To select a ram please complete the details below:

Lease only


Aberdale will suit your system if you:

  • Have a commitment to rear ewe lambs to a specified quality year on year
  • Have, ideally, a minimum of 300 ewes available for mating
  • Want rams/wether lambs that are fast growing, easy finishing and with good carcase specification
  • Want access to exceptional rams carrying the best genetic traits
  • Want to sell breeding females directly off the farm through Innovis’ network
The Innovis Aberdale is only available for lease. If you are interested in breeding the Aberdale, please contact your local technical sales advisor, or call the main office on 01970 828 236.

Who is my local technical sales advisor?

If you have not bought a ram through Innovis before your local technical sales advisor will be allocated dependant on postcode area. If you are unsure of who to contact you can call the office on 01970 828 236 and they can advise who your technical sales advisor is. The phone numbers for all of our technical sales advisors appear on the left hand side of this page under ‘Contact the team’.

How do I know which breed to pick?

It is important that you are fully informed about all Innovis breeds and their benefits before making your decision. If you feel you need more information regarding a breed, or would like personalised advice based on your farming systems, please contact your local technical sales advisor, their information is on the left hand side of this page.

What if more than one of the key traits is important to me?

If there is more than one key trait that is important to you please highlight the most important trait. You can advise that another trait is important to you in the ‘Any other information or comments’ box.

Why do I need to provide information about my farm?

Providing detailed information about your farm can help our technical sales advisors when choosing your ram. If they are fully informed they can ensure that the ram chosen has the most suitable Estimated Breeding Values for your farming system and will meet the needs and targets you have set for your farm. The more information you provide the better!

What if I want more than one maternal/meat sire, but I want different traits in each ram?

Buying rams for the same purpose, but with different traits is simple. Follow the process for either maternal or meat and click the ‘ADD TO HOLDING PEN’ button once your selection has been made. A pop up will then appear telling you what you have just placed in the holding pen, your choice will also appear in the holding page on the top right hand corner of the page. Once this pop up has disappeared you will be on the same page where you had previously made your choices. You are able to change your choices on this page to choose a new ram by following the same process as you have previously done. Clicking the ‘ADD TO HOLDING PEN’ button will add this new ram to your holding pen, where your previous choice is waiting.

I want maternal and meat sires, how do I get both?

If you are looking to buy both a maternal and a meat sire you are able to do so in one transaction. Follow the process for either maternal or meat until you reach the ‘ADD TO HOLDING PEN’ section, click the button and your choice will appear in the holding page on the top right hand corner of the page. You can now click on the left hand side of the screen to choose our other category of rams and follow the process to add another ram to your holding pen.

How will you pick my ram?

Rams will be picked on the 27 th, 28th and 29th of July with a confirmation email containing information regarding the individual ram tag numbers of your ram(s). This email will also contain further specific information about the collection or delivery details for your ram(s).

How do I pay?

You will pay an initial 50% deposit on your specified ram online when completing the buying process. The remaining 50% balance is paid on collection or delivery of you ram(s).

How will my ram get delivered?

Rams will be delivered, once selection has taken place, to collection centres based throughout the UK. You are able to collect your ram(s) directly from collection centre within a specified time, or delivery can be arranged directly to farm from a collection centre. For further information please talk to your local technical sales advisor.

What happens if my ram gets delivered and it’s not suitable?

During the ram selection process we will be choosing the ram that is most suitable to your farm based on the information you have provided. All rams are fully MOT’d and will be delivered or collected fit and correct. Upon signing for your ram we will understand you are happy with the condition of your ram(s) and normal Innovis terms and conditions and the Innovis seal of approval applies. Rams will not be delivered and cannot be collected without a signed delivery/collection note. If refusal should take place. without just cause at the time of delivery/collection please see our cancellations policy for more details. If you have specific needs in regards to the physical appearance of your ram please provide further information in the any other comments / information box. All problems with any rams purchased must be reported to your local Innovis technical sales representative.

I don’t want to buy online, how else can I get a ram?

If buying your ram online is not a suitable option for you, there are other ways of getting Innovis genetics on your farm. You can come to one of our sales, which are held throughout the summer and take place in an ‘auction-style’ setting, where Innovis breeds are run through the ring with each ram being bid on individually accompanied by their individual set of Estimated Breeding Values. If you would like further information about sale dates you can visit our news section by following this link: INNOVIS SALE DATES 2015, or you can call the main office on 01970 828 236 to register your interest for a sale catalogue.

If you need a ram for a specific date before a sale, you can contact your local sales representative to discuss your needs, their information is on the left hand side of this page, or you can call the main office on 01970 828 236.