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Arwyn Howells, Caersws, Powys

Two Welsh Hill flocks crossed to Aberfield, Focus Prime


“We’ve been buying up to four rams every year since the service was launched in 2015 and it works for us. We select purely on figures, Elite rams, so there’s no point in taking time out to go to sales when we can buy rams at our convenience in the evenings. Then we put our trust in Innovis to select the rams for us; they do the breeding so they know what we want, and so far, we’ve never been let down.”


Dan Pritchard, Llanrhydian, Gower

1,100 Welsh Mule ewes crossed to Primera rams; outdoor lambing system


Buying on-line makes life a lot easier and saves me having a day out at the auction. We’ve annually selected three or four high index Primeras for the last three years, we input the criteria we want – ease of lambing and fast growth, and then we trust Innovis to choose the right rams for us. And they do deliver every time. We’ll be selecting another three or four this season.


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    What's your pre-lamb plan?

    Mar 1, 2019
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Committed to research and development this has enabled us to build upon our successful and established crossbreeding programmes.





Take a look at our range of 2019 sales and selection dates across the UK.



Sheep Genetics in Practise


 “Combine carefully selected Innovis genetics with detailed attention to management, and I don’t know of any other livestock farming enterprise that could beat sheep farming in terms of profitability for a starter..."

Jim Beary – Aberfield

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“We’re having a trial run over a portion of the flock. Our first draw of Primera cross lambs reached 19kg target finishing weight at 11 weeks, both the twin Primera and Abermax cross lambs..."

James Teasdale – Abermax

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Since introducing the New Zealand bred Highlander to his Devon unit three years ago, finished sheep production has increased by 42% to 342kg per acre while a traditional indoor...

Mike Tewson – Highlander

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Crossbred Ewe.jpg

Producing tailored made replacement ewes featuring Innovis genetics within a traditional stratified system is proving to be a win win venture for two sheep farming businesses...

Ben Anthony - Aberfield Crossbred

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