Welcome to Innovis Online Sales

Innovis is the leading supplier of sheep genetics to the UK livestock industry. Our sheep breeding programmes improve efficiency and profitability through access to the best bloodlines and the application of the latest knowledge, tools and technical expertise. All our breeding programmes are underpinned by substantial investment in research and development with a good dose of stockmanship and common sense to ensure they are proven, practical and successful.

An equal proportion of Elite and Select rams are made available across online and commercial sales.

The online sale price for rams is based on Innovis’ standard price list for 2018 with an additional surcharge for;

- The consultation to interpret and select the most appropriate rams for your system. Innovis staff will take great care to ensure that the selected rams are fit for purpose as outlined in the ordering process, balancing breeding values, type and structure to match your system.

- Delivery to a local hub for your collection. Delivery can also be arranged direct to your farm but may incur a nominal charge based on mileage from the hub.

- All Rams purchased online will be supplied with a Certificate of Borders negative and will be fertility tested.

- Innovis has it's own veterinarian who oversees a unique health screening program across its breeding partner network. Strategic screening is undertaken throughout the year and tailored flock health plans ensure that all rams have been given the same treatments pre-sale.

- Continuous genetic improvement of our nucleus and breeding partner flocks means that the genetic potential of rams we make available to our customers is constantly improving, so not only are the best rams we offer improving, but the average index value of all rams offered for sale increases year on year.

From experience, we can assure you that the online price remains competitive as the quality of the selected rams would alone achieve a premium within the sale ring.

Online Sales are now open until 20th July 2018.

Maternal Sires

Rams that will underpin your ewe breeding flock, optimising production whilst reducing costs

Innovis maternal sires produce robust ewe lambs that form the foundation or your breeding flock. Continually improving lambing ease and mothering ability to reduce labour costs, Innovis’ maternal lines are designed to let the sheep do the work, making your life easier. The genetics are selected to perform under pressure on forage systems so that you can reduce your feed bills, replacement rates and better use the grass you grow. Combining the best UK and New Zealand genetics to create a range of rams and breeding ewes, bred for efficiency and productivity to give farmers more from less.

Our Maternal Sires Offer:

  • The ability to create a sustainable sheep farming business through improved efficiency
  • A transparent source of breeding rams and ewe replacements
  • The flexibility to lamb outdoors and reduce labour costs
  • Ewes with proven mothering ability and longevity
  • A more professional approach to sheep farming

Meat Sires

Exceptional, high-performance meat sires to improve profitability on your farm

As the leading supplier of breeding technologies for the UK sheep industry, Innovis supplies high performing meat rams to commercial lamb producers. 

Our breeding programmes are designed to produce top quality finished lambs from grass based systems to give increased profits through a reduced cost base and increased lamb yield.

Our Meat Sires Offer:

  • A robust meat sire bred off grass under commercial conditions
  • Rams that can cover 100 ewes/year, hold condition and live longer
  • More live lambs with less work
  • The option to lamb outdoors with reduced labour costs
  • Lambs that can finish quickly off grass without the need for concentrate feed
  • The ablility to achieve top carcase specification from a reduced cost base

Meat Sires are: