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Innovis scrapie genotyping service


ScrapieCheck™ - the most robust and reliable scrapie test available

Innovis and Cellmark have worked together for many years to provide sheep breeders with an accredited scrapie genotying service. Cellmark’s impeccable quality assurance made it the laboratory that was used by the NSP for the majority of its scrapie testing. Many breed societies continue to work with us to help their members to keep their flocks monitored and free from disease.


Commercial scrapie genotyping from as little as £9 per animal with NO VET FEES

Prices are based on the number of samples for testing. Some breed societies have also taken advantage of a special offer for smaller batches. The new DIY sampling means that you can also now take blood samples from your sheep yourself without the need for a vet or third party verification.


Once the blood is on the FTA sampler it will be stored by the laboratory for a least 5 years enabling authenticity to be established if necessary.


Scrapie status and exports

The current economic climate has made the export of sheep an attractive option for many breeders. All animals destined for export must either be part of the Scrapie Monitored Scheme or of Type 1 genotype so breeding for scrapie resistance remains essential. Our scrapie genotyping service offers breeders testing by one of the few DEFRA accredited genotyping laboratories.


Do you remember when we used to have diseases such as TB and sheep scab under control? Let’s not make the same mistake with scrapie…


Breeding for resistance to this horrible disease is effective. In 2008 there was only 1 clinical case of scrapie! However, it could take just one ram with a bad genotype in one particular breed to reverse this trend and undo all the good work.


Ask our Innovis technical team about scrapie genotyping


Why should I continue scrapie genotyping?

  • Scrapie is a serious sheep disease – it’s under control now so let’s keep it that way!
  • Considerable progress has been made in recent years despite the lack of interest from ram buyers. Don’t give up just because your customers may not be interested – your industry needs you.
  • Flock owners who have had a Scrapie problem in the past will not want to buy susceptible stock
  • Animals destined for export must either be part of the Scrapie Monitored Scheme or Type 1 genotype


How do I take the samples myself?

The new pin prickers make sampling from the muzzle of the sheep much easier. Make sure that the muzzle is clean of dirt and mucus before taking the sample. Press the pin pricker against the muzzle and then relax the skin to help the blood spot to form. The blood spot can then be collected onto the absorbent pad. Full instructions are provided with each sampling kit and our technical staff can talk you through the process.


Why don’t I need a vet to verify the sample any more?

Once the blood spot is on the FTA sampler it will be stored by the laboratory for a least 5 years. This means that the authenticity of sample can easily be checked in the case of any future dispute. Breed societies may carry out random sampling at society sales to audit this process.


How long does it take for scrapie genotyping results to come back?

Once the laboratory have received the blood samples, scrapie results are usually available within 10 working days. If you need results for a Society Sale please send blood samples in at least 3 weeks before.


What is MyoMAX®?

MyoMAX® identifies animals carrying a gene that increases muscling on the leg and rump by at least 5% and decreases carcass fat by at least 7%. Animals carrying 2 copies of the gene will have double the effect.


What is MyoMAX® worth to me?

A study conducted by the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University showed that Charollais cross lambs carrying the MyoMAX® gene are better conformed, leaner and heavier and have carcasses worth £1-£3 more than lambs not carrying MyoMAX®. Similar results in terms of growth and muscle depth were obtained in a small study of Lleyn lambs at the Hybu Cig Cymru Demonstration Farm at Dinas Island. MyoMAX® test offers the potential to increase returns per lamb sold and has a contribution to make to the overall strategy of improving carcass quality without increasing cost of production.


Over their lifetime rams carrying MyoMAX® will produce lambs worth between £320 and £700 more than non-carrier rams with otherwise similar performance figures.


Is MyoMAX® found in all sheep breeds?

Currently the MyoMAX® gene has only been found in Texels, Charollais and Lleyn’s in the UK but that does not stop other breeds integrating the gene in to their breeds. Many breeds in the past have tried crossing with breeds renowned for muscling and then breeding back to the original. Now this can be done easier as you can identify animals that carry the gene that you are after but also show the original and desirable breed characteristics.


How much does scrapie genotyping cost?

The costs for scrapie genotyping and Scrapie-MyoMAX® varies depending on the quantity of samples submitted. We offer discounts for batches of samples between 11-29 and for batches of more than 30. Contact our Aberystwyth Centre on 01970 828236 for our current prices. Terms and conditions of Sale apply.


More information

If you want further information about Scrapie or Scrapie-MyoMAX® genotyping, please contact our Aberystwyth Centre on 01970 828236

Updated genotyping service


We are pleased to be working with LGC Genomics.


All sample collection and submission processes remain the same and, as before, results should be back in 10-15 working days of receipt.


Genotyping costs:

  • 1 - 10 samples     £22.50
  • 11 - 29 samples   £18.50
  • 30+ samples       £14.00

 (all prices exclude VAT)


Please contact Rosemary on 01970 828236 for more information or to order your sampling kits.




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